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Founded in 1992 by Johanne Dion its president, TRANS-HERBe inc. specialises in transforming herbs and spices in much sought after herbal teas and teas. TRANS-HERBe inc. supplies customers in Canada, United-States, Japan, Taiwan and many other countries. The corporate mission of TRANS-HERBe inc. is to be among the elite in herbal and flavoured tea formulations and conditioning. To achieve such a task, a team, which possesses both the knowledge and credibility in this sector of the food industry, was formed. The experience of management in herbal and aromatic teas, in herbs, flavors, research, development and production, totals more than 50 years of recognised performances. TRANS-HERBe inc. possesses in house expertise of herbal aromatic teas, and formulations, using imported and domestic herbs. It is these organoleptic formulation skills that gave rise to our interest for generic and specific products. Indeed, in house expertise in raw material imports and simultaneously in formulation with original flavors, plus state of the art manufacturing facilities result in customer satisfaction. We are particularly proud of our training program specifically designed to assure top performance from each employee on the production line. That is why you can count on our quality products. Commitments There is not substitute for quality. An uncompromising commitment to quality is why TRANS-HERBe inc. should be your choice for all your teas and herbal tea needs. We can offer you kosher certified, organic products. Our facilities are fully equipped with the latest mixing and packing machines. We can supply you with either heat-sealed or regular pillow teabags. We can also offer you different cuts of herbs, from rough to powder. We advise our customers on new trends, the new flavours and the best herbal and aromatic tea formulas fully adapted to your needs. Recognition Our customers expect the best and we will deliver the best, no less. The year 2001 has been particularly generous with peers' recognition. TRANS-HERBe inc. has been awarded the Pursuit of excellence award 2001 from the South Shore Chamber of commerce and Industry, as well as Enterprise of the Year 2001, ex-aequo. The Excellence Award in the Quebec's agrifood exportation 2001 was also awarded to Johanne Dion president of TRANS-HERBe inc. For her exceptional contribution to this specific domain. TRANS-HERBe inc. has increased its production capabilities quite dramatically in 1999. We have built our own plant, twice the size of our present location. // Activities / Products: Drinks (637) Tea (175) HoReCa (374) Fair trade products (359) Kosher (275) // Apricot Passion Fruit Roo

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