Company Address
33 Ulsnaes 6300 Graasten Denmark
Phone Number
+45 74 35 35 3 ****
Fax Number
+45 74 35 35 36
Business Description / Brands / Products

Activities / Products: Certified poultry in portions Farm and labelled fowl, cock, chicken Free range pork in carcasses Fresh beef in carcasses Fresh beef tripes and offals Fresh boned turkey portions Fresh lamb tripes and offals Fresh pork tripes and offals Fresh poultry gizzards Fresh poultry hearts Fresh poultry liver Fresh poultry necks Fresh turkey portions with bones Frozen beef heart Frozen beef kidney Frozen beef liver Frozen beef tongue Frozen horse tripes and offals Frozen pork kidney Frozen poultry gizzards Frozen poultry hearts Frozen poultry liver Other fresh cock/fowl/chicken in portions Other fresh meat in carcasses Other fresh pork in carcasses Other fresh poultry giblets Other fresh tripes and offals Other fresh turkey meat Other frozen beef Other frozen beef meat tripes and offals Other frozen chicken and cock Other frozen lamband mutton tripes and offals Other frozen mutton and lamb Other frozen pork Other frozen pork tripes and offals Other frozen poultry portions Other frozen poultry tripes and offals Other frozen tripes and offals Other frozen turkey // Export to: AUSTRALIA, BENIN, CHINA, CONGO (DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE), DENMARK, FINLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY, GHANA, HONG KONG, JAPAN, NEW ZEALAND, PHILIPPINES, ROMANIA, RUSSIAN FEDERATION, SOUTH KOREA, SPAIN, SWEDEN, THAILAND, UNITED KINGDOM, VIET NAM // Client Targets: Food manufacturing

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