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2Nd Industrial Zone Kom Oshem 2540 Fayom
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+20(0)84.621011 ****
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AMD Verde is one of the leading growers, producers and processing of herbs and spices in Egypt. AMD Verde is specialized in processed herds and spices; the main focus is always on developing our abilities and providing healthy and safe products. Along-run strategy is adopted to establish a well-reputed and praiseworthy business not short cuts deals or run of the mill products. Our company follows hygiene and sanitation procedures as well as quality assurance system, to assure the minimum acceptable account in the bacteria without any pathogenicity. Active microbe test analysis is carried to verify the results. Our company Certified by: ECOA in accordance with EEC Regulations NOP Certificate ISO22000 Certificate Also our company has FDA registration number // Activities / Products: Fruit, vegetables, herbs (119) Grocery products - Cooking and baking (914) Spices, salt, ready-made products (258) Seeds and plants (49) // Hibiscus flowers, Calendula, Coriander Seeds, Henna

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