Company Address
Route De Prechac 32390 Montestruc Sur Gers France
Phone Number
+33 05 62 62 27 0 ****
Fax Number
+33 05 62 62 26 47
Business Description / Brands / Products

Activities / Products: Apple jam, jelly Apple purée with strawberry pieces Apricot jam, jelly Apricots in alcohol Apricots in syrup Canned French cultivated mushrooms Canned and cooked haricot beans Canned artichokes Canned chick peas Canned courgettes Canned green beans Canned haricot beans Canned lentils Canned peas Canned peppers Canned red beans Canned salsify Canned spinach Canned stewed or mashed apples Canned white beans Cherries in alcohol Cherries in syrup Cherry and morello cherry jam Cherry plum in syrup Cherry plum jams, jelly Chestnuts in syrup Chestnuts, water chestnuts in can Clementines in alcohol Cooked canned lentils Dark red plums in syrup Fig in alcohol Fig jam and jelly Figs in syrup Fresh, frozen, preserved or dehydrated mushrooms Fruit pulp in can Fruit puree and pulp Fruits in alcohol Fruits of the forest in syrup Grapes in alcohol Grapes in syrup Litchees in alcohol Litchees in syrup Marmelade and sugar infused fruits Mixed fruit in alcohol Mousses Oranges in alcohol Other canned cultivated mushrooms Other canned hull and root vegetables Other canned leaf, stem vegetables Other canned mashed chestnut Other canned mashed or stewed pip fruit Other canned vegetables Other citrus in alcohol Other mixed fruit in syrup Other pip fruit in alcohol Other pip fruit in syrup Other pip fruit jam and jelly Other small fruit in alcohol Other small fruit in syrup Other sterilised ready-made vegetable dishes Other stewed or mashed mixed fruit in can Other stone fruit in alcohol Other stone fruit in syrup Other stone fruit jam, jelly Other sweet preparations Other tropical fruit in alcohol Other tropical fruit in syrup Peach jam, jelly Peaches in alcohol Peaches in syrup Pear jam and jelly Pears in alcohol Pears in syrup Pineapple in alcohol Pineapple in syrup Plum jam, jelly Plums in alcohol Plums in syrup Preserved asparagus Preserved aubergines, eggplants Preserved flageolets Preserved fruits (in can, pouch, ...) Preserved vegetables, in brine or in oil Prunes in alcohol Prunes in syrup Raspberries in alcohol Raspberries in syrup Raspberry jam, jelly Ratatouille Soups Stewed or mashed peaches in can Strawberries in alcohol Strawberries in syrup Strawberry jam, jelly Sweet fillings Vegetable puree, pulp, juice, concentrate and extract // Export to: AUSTRALIA, AUSTRIA, BELGIUM, CANADA, CHINA, DENMARK, FINLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY, HONG KONG, ITALY, JAPAN, LUXEMBOURG, MARTINIQUE, MONACO, NETHERLANDS, NEW CALEDONIA, SINGAPORE, SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND, TAIWAN, UNITED KINGDOM, UNITED STATES // Client Targets: Food manufacturing , Foodservice , Retail/Commerce

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