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Kerbethune - Moraac 56500 Locmine France
Phone Number
+33 02 97 61 66 0 ****
Fax Number
+33 02 97 61 66 29
Business Description / Brands / Products

Activities / Products: Autre smoked ham Bacon Bacon Bard Beef sausages Blood pudding (fresh) Canned beef in jelly Canned beef in sauce Canned ham Canned pâtés Canned stew Chorizo (fresh) Cooked charcuteries (others) Cooked ham Cooked ham in slices Cooked pig's trotters Cooked pork shoulder Cooked poultry charcuterie (others) Crépinettes (fresh) Dried and salted ham Dried breast, pancetta Dried sausage Duck and turkey rillettes First quality ham Foreleg ham Fresh Montbéliard sausages Fresh Morteau sausage Fresh Toulouse sausages Fresh andouillettes Fresh chipolatas 100 % Fresh country pâté Fresh duck mousse, pâté Fresh galantine Fresh game pâté Fresh joint of pork Fresh liver pâté Fresh meat pâté Fresh minced pork Fresh pork pâté Fresh pork rillettes Fresh pork tripes and offals Fresh poultry sausages Fresh pâté with mushrooms Fresh rabbit pâté Fresh salami Fresh vacuum packed pork Frozen Strasbourg sausages Frozen Toulouse sausages Frozen andouillettes Frozen bacon Frozen beef sausage Frozen blood pudding Frozen chipolatas Frozen chorizo Frozen dry sausages Frozen frankfurter sausage Frozen ham Frozen merguez Frozen minced pork Frozen pork sausage Frozen pâtés Frozen smoked sausages Garlic sausage Ham Ham pâté Ham with label of origin Jambon torchon Lardons Lean ham Meat olive Merguez Morsel in dried ham Morsel in ham Mortadella Mutton sausages Old fashion pure pork sausage Other black/White pudding (fresh) Other canned game pâté Other canned pork Other cooked sausages Other delicatessen Other dried ham Other fresh ham Other fresh pork in carcasses Other fresh poultry pâté Other fresh pure pork pâtés Other fresh rillettes Other fresh sausages Other frozen charcuterie Other frozen pork Other frozen sausages Other pork butchery Other poultry ham Other prepacked fresh pork in portions Other preserved beef Other preserved meat Pickeed pork Pork brawn Pork head products Pork loin Pork rib boneless and cooked Pork sausages Pork shoulder Poultry liver mousse, cream, pâté Prepacked fresh pork brochettes Preserved beef in its own juice Preserved beef sausages Preserved boart pâté Preserved corned beef Preserved duck pâté Preserved forest pâté Preserved offals and tripes Preserved poultry liver and lardons Preserved seasoned beef Preserved venaison pâté Preseved poultry liver pâté Pure pork sausages Rabbit rillettes Raw ham Ready to eat sausage slices Roast meat Rosette Saveloy (fresh) Sheep, beef Sliced chorizo Smoked raw ham Specialities in detachable Strasbourg sausages (fresh) Superior dried salted ham Turkey ham White pudding (fresh) // Export to: ANGOLA, ARUBA, BULGARIA, CHINA, CYPRUS, CZECH REPUBLIC, GERMANY, IRELAND, ITALY, JAPAN, LITHUANIA, MALTA, NETHERLANDS, NETHERLANDS ANTILLES, PHILIPPINES, POLAND, SINGAPORE, SOUTH AFRICA, SOUTH KOREA, TAIWAN, THAILAND, VIET NAM // Client Targets: Foodservice , Retail/Commerce

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