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24 Rue Maurice Berteaux 78780 Maurecourt France
Phone Number
+33 (0)1 39 75 14 6 ****
Fax Number
+33 (0)1 39 75 06 23
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Activities / Products: Almonds jam, jelly Apple juice Apple nectar Apricot jam, jelly Apricot nectar Bananas jam, jelly Bilberries jam, jelly Black currant juices Blackberry jam, jelly Blackcurrant jam, jelly Blackcurrant nectar Blueberry juice Blueberry nectar Canned mashed mango Canned mashed passion fruit Canned mashed raspberries Canned stewed or mashed apples Canned stewed or mashed pears Carrot juice Cherries nectar Cherry and morello cherry jam Cherry juice Cherry plum jams, jelly Chestnut cream Chestnut jam Citrus juice Citrus nectar Clementines jams and jellies Eglantine jam, jelly Fig jam and jelly Grape juice Guavas jam, jelly Hazelnuts jam, jelly Honey Honeys Jams and jellies (others) Kiwis jam, jelly Mandarins jams, jellies Mango jam, jelly Mango nectar Maple syrup Melon jam, jelly Milk jam Mixed citrus jams Mixed citrus jams and jellies Mixed fruit nectar Mixed red fruit jam, jelly Nectarine jam, jelly Nuts spread Onions jelly Orange jams, jellies Orange juice Orange nectar Organic grocery products Other canned mashed or stewed pip fruit Other fruit juices Other pip fruit jam and jelly Other small fruit jam, marmalade Other stewed or mashed mixed fruit in can Other stewed or mashed stone fruit in can Other stone fruit jam, jelly Other tropical fruit jam, jelly Passion fruit jam, jelly Peach jam, jelly Peach nectar Pear jam and jelly Pear juice Pear nectar Pineapple jam, jelly Pineapple juice Pineapple nectar Plum jam, jelly Prune cream Prune cream Quince jam, jelly Quince juice Raspberries nectar Raspberry jam, jelly Red/white currants jam, jelly Rhubarb jam, jelly Roses jam, jelly Shallots jelly Stewed or mashed apricots in can Stewed or mashed red/white currants Stewed or mashed rhubarb in can Stewed oranges in can Strawberries nectar Strawberry jam, jelly Tea jam, jelly Tomato juice Tomatoes jam, jelly Tropical fruit nectar Watermelon jam, jelly Whortleberries jam, jelly // Export to: ALGERIA, AUSTRIA, BAHAMAS, BELGIUM, CONGO, CONGO (DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE), DENMARK, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, EGYPT, GABON, GERMANY, GREECE, INDIA, ITALY, LUXEMBOURG, MARTINIQUE, MAURITANIA, MONACO, MOROCCO, PORTUGAL, QATAR, REUNION, SAUDI ARABIA, SOUTH AFRICA, SPAIN, SWITZERLAND, TAIWAN, TUNISIA, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, UNITED KINGDOM, UNITED STATES // Client Targets: Food manufacturing , Foodservice , Retail/Commerce

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