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About Us:Viral International was established in 1988 and is one of the leading manufacturers of Hulled Sesame seeds and other spices supplying to the agents and export houses in the country, for ultimate export to rest of the world. In line to provide the best of all, VIRAL INTERNATIONAL is ready to launch its international quality produce in the market with the support of esteemed organization as of yours. With more than 24 years of experience, the company has gained immense expertise for processing, administration, marketing and exporting products to different countries. We have built our reputation in the market by honouring our contracts and providing prompt delivery, reliable quality and its best services. Our in-house research & development facilities also help us in conducting regular market surveys, in analyzing market trends and understanding the specific needs of our clients. This in depth study and understanding assists us to bring necessary changes in our range and in ensuring that our products meet the expectations of our global clients. Area of Business :Manufacturing and commerce of Conventional & Organic Oilseeds, Spices, Grains and Pulses. For eg. Amaranth, Flax Seeds, Hulled Sesame seeds, Natural Sesame seeds, Black Sesame seeds, Soyabean, Fennel seeds, Cumin seeds, Coriander seeds, Fenugreek seeds, Mustard seeds etc. The local trade is handled by our national network of branches in India. Viral International is also an old player in Organic Sector since 1999, and gradually thrives to convert itself completely into Organic field. Regional Advantage :Our manufacturing unit is located in the main depository Mandi (Local Market) of farmers producing raw oilseeds, grains and spices. It not only allows immediate access to the market as well enables us to negotiate better raw products during the start and end of season or during the shortage of seeds. Quality :We are the first company in manufacturing and trading of seed to adopt a six tier approach for Total Quality Management Core Values:The values that guide our work are: Customer orientation. Our primary objectives are to understand and satisfy the requirements of our present and future customers and to exceed their expectations. Excellence. By means of a modern management philosophy, characterised by continual improvement and total involvement, Viral International aspires to excel in all areas of its activity. Our merits:Always considering customers' quality requirements Providing the best possible service to our valued clients Being competitive with prices Always acting with professionalism & integrity // Activities / Products: Fresh food (527) Bread, baked products (77) Grocery products - Cooking and baking (914) Corn, pulses, other milled products (314) Bread, baked products, raising agents (172) Farinaceous products (140) Spices, salt, ready-made products (258) Other cooking oils (182) Convenience groceries, instant and semi-instant meals, tinned foods (214) Grocery products - Snacks and sweets (522) Nuts, dried fruit (318) Cereals, mueslis (245) Sweet spreads, honey (197) Other grocery products (191) Fair trade products (359) Kosher (275) Halal (135) // Sesame Seeds, Amaranth Seeds, Flax Seeds, Grains and Pulses

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