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Secret of Youth Ltd. (SOFY) and Natural Derma Cosmetics Ltd. (NDC) were established in 2007 in order to develop, produce and market unique natural products. The companies are expending and looking for natural & organic derived distributors all over the world. The products are made by unique process from fruits and vegetables and other natural ingredients in order to improve the: Skin Health & Good look for the healthy population Quality of life for people who suffers from various skin dermatology problems/disorders. The creams/gels were developed over a period of more than 20 years from fruits and vegetables and were successfully tested. Vision: SOFY & NDC will lead developing and manufacturing processes of High Quality Natural Cosmetic Products with competitive advantages. The products The companies provide several lines of natural products: Botanic Synergy line Eco-Natural Line Botanic Synergy Series The Botanic Synergy products, made of whole fresh vegetables and fruits, were developed over a period of more than 20 years. The products are natural gels/creams containing the following ingredient:Active ingredients: solely combinations of fruits and vegetables and water: 95% Approved common thickeners, preservatives, odor agents etc : 5% The series include Shampoo and gels for anti Aging treatment, Hair loss etc and shown remarkable healing properties for skin problems such as: Psoriasis, Seborrhea, Exema, Unhealed wounds, Acne, Hear loss, Wrinkles etc. Eco Natural Series A line of natural skin care products including: Peelings, Masks, Moisturizing creams Tonners, Cleansers, etc. The gels were successfully tested through the years by cosmeticians. The target market The target market is divided to 2 categories: Teenagers and healthy people interested in improving the condition of their skin. Patients suffer from chronic skin disorders. Example of 2 skin diseases SofY's products helps to relief the unpleasant symptoms: Psoriasis- Difficult chronic disease. People all over the world are spending Billions of dollars in order to relief the unpleasant symptoms by consuming verity of creams, steroids and visiting salty water sites such as the Dead Sea. Acne - Usually occurs at teenage age, but can also be shown at any age. There is a variety of expensive treatments like Roakotan (Isotretinoin) - spending hundreds of dollars each month with major unpleasant side effects. Those disorders are characterized by patient discomfort and un-esthetic skin look that contribute the vivid demand for new and existing treatments. The market for those skin disorders treatments is estimated by billions of dollars per year. The market is characterized by massive competition and choosy customers. The products will be separated to two categories. Products for healthy hair and skin looks

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