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The Mediterranean Institute of Certification (IMC) is a private company that has public authorisations and international accreditations for the certifications activities development. IMC started in 1995, in Senigallia (AN), in the Marche region, Italy, where the head offices are. During these years, following a developing partnership focused on the Mediterranean areas, IMC certifications services has extended to the Italian regions and also to all area countries. Today IMC offers certifications services specialized for companies that work in the agricultural, agro food, and tourism sectors. IMC services give an experienced and efficient guarantee suitable to the local needs thanks to the efficaciousness of the specialized offices and mother language personnel.The widespread presence of IMC offices in the Mediterranean area forms an operational network of information for companies that want to be informed and updated about laws and regulations for quality, at both local and international level. This service is useful in preventing the loss of quality and it guarantees the products conformity in their markets. The Mediterranean area has one of the richest quality and traditional agro food property in the world. IMC mission consists in sharing its experience, obtained in the agro food guaranteed Mediterranean productions sector and in the restoration, hospitality and tourism sectors, helping to improve the Mediterranean companies and their success in national and international markets. // Activities / Products: Media, service providers (367) Certification, inspection (79) // Organic agriculture and aquaculture, PDO, PGI, TSG, D.O. Quality Wines, "Varietal wines" or "table wines"

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