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The company is located in the Piedmontese countryside in the village of Villareggia in the province of Turin (North West of Italy). From the big open-space offices to the efficient and bright warehouse, from raised loading points to the computerised picking system, everything in our company has been designed to create a liveable and functional environment. Attention has been paid to clean technologies which allow us to reduce as much as possible the currently minimal pollution generated by our activities. All shipping is arranged from our headquarters using couriers. Our clients are looked after by a network of local agents covering every Italian region. Throughout all its years of activity, La Finestra sul Cielo has always upheld its commitment to production and distribution of foodstuffs selected according to the most stringent criteria for top quality. Please go to the next page to learn more about our quality guidelines. // Activities / Products: Grocery products - Cooking and baking (914) Corn, pulses, other milled products (314) Bread, baked products, raising agents (172) Farinaceous products (140) Spices, salt, ready-made products (258) Vinegars, seasonings (158) Olive oils (238) Other cooking oils (182) Convenience groceries, instant and semi-instant meals, tinned foods (214) Sweeteners (155) Grocery products - Snacks and sweets (522) Nuts, dried fruit (318) Chocolate (125) Sweet pastries, other confectionary (172) Savory biscuits, salted snacks (132) Cereals, mueslis (245) Sweet spreads, honey (197) Hearty spreads (59) Special forms of nutrition (macrobiotics etc.) (98) Other grocery products (191) Drinks (637) Juices, soft drinks (275) Tea (175) Other hot drinks (66) Other non-food products (91) Media, service providers (367) Wholesaler (94) Vegan (420) // FREECHOKO IS CHOCOLATE AND SPREAD, SUGAR AND MILK FREE, Omega3, Biolight, Biofibre+

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