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In the land of Puglia, near the Subappennino Dauno, where the sun gildes the mature ears of the best hard corn, into the ancient agricultural centres of Casalnuovo Monterotaro and Torremaggiore, rises the De Vita agro-alimentary industry. Nature, with its generosity, arranged that the biggest concentration of the production of hard corn settled itself in province of Foggia, giving to this zone the name of "italian granary". The large plain where hard corn is cultivated is surrounded by a vaste hilly zone named Subbappennino Dauno. And just in this zone, thanks to the experience acquired in the centuries, local farmers obtained the best varieties cultivated. De Vita family of Casalnuovo Monterotaro, an agricultural centre near of Foggia, which rises near the borders between Puglia and Molise, cultivates corn respecting the oldest traditions. The experience transmitted from generation to generation and the desire to begin a connection between farmers and agro-alimentary managers inspired De Vita family to enter the field of management. In 1986 borns a society named "De Vita agro-alimentary industry", that carries on the commerce of hard corn. The experience of ten years leads to the activity of trasformation of hard corn. In fact in 1997, De Vita family realized a system of grinding mill to realize products for the industries of pasta with a big success. The mill is situated on the road Casalnuovo-Torremaggiore, near the agricultural industry. The realization of the system, with high technology implements, was based on the respect of high quality and mantaming the right important devices, De Vita mill is one of the few in the zone to produce particular products as these listed below, that are qualified for the production of fresh pasta. An important element is the minimal technological impact to guarantee the transformation of biological products. This charateristic permitted to the industry to present on the market a range of biological products. // Activities / Products: Grocery products - Cooking and baking (914) Corn, pulses, other milled products (314) HoReCa (374) Vegan (420) // Semolina, Whole Meal Semolina, Whole-Meal Spelt Dicoccum, Product ideal for pasta, bread and home-made pizza

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