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Spaziomusa is the European distributor, based in Italy of top quality Matcha Uji BIO Brand teas with over 200 years of experiences of Kyoto-Uji's traditional family producer. Recent Matcha boom means lots of new producers and plantations (8-10 years old), whilst Matcha Uji BIO's average age of tea plants: 40-50 years (some reaching 150 years). The Uji BIO tradition meets not only the highest quality of Matcha but also Gyokuro, the noble green tea, first born in 1835, Ujitawara-Kyoto. The Matcha, Gyokuro, Sencha... Uji BIO brand teas are all 100% genuine Ujitawara-Kyoto (no-mix). Although the production of high quality Matcha and Gyokuro is very limited, we have chosen to distribute 100% authentic Matcha and Gyokuro cultivated and produced in historical/original fields - Ujitawara, Kyoto. Colour, flavour and aroma... we encourage you to try and feel the differences. All our organic tea is Bio EU, JAS (Japan) and NOP (USA) certified. The company is controlled and certified by ICEA (IT BIO 006 Y007). // Activities / Products: Special forms of nutrition (macrobiotics etc.) (98) Remedies, food supplements (152) Drinks (637) Tea (175) Vegan (420) // Matcha Tradition, Matcha Uji BIO Top, Matcha Uji BIO Premium, Gyokuro Uji BIO

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