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SABO, the culture of organic oils SABO has positioned itself as a competent partner to solve complex problems in the world of oils. First-class quality products, a qualified and trusted Swiss organization and strong market and product knowledge characterize SABO. The Swiss oilfactory SABO produces edible oils, which are characterized by their high quality, naturalness and great taste. The organic oils range EcoNature as well as the special oils range, SwisStyle are the result of our constant research into healthy nutrition. These oils are particularly rich in substances, which play an essential role in boosting our organism's defences. The ranges of cold-pressed vegetable oils are derived from organic seeds, selected and produced without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We obtain a range of products unique for their pureness, rich in proteins. Our organic Soy flakes, nuggets and steaks represent a unique meat substitute for the vegetarian kitchen as all important nutrients are retained. The product's likeness to real meat, its nutritional content and texture are garanteed through a patented mechanical extrusion process. // Activities / Products: Grocery products - Cooking and baking (914) Vinegars, seasonings (158) Olive oils (238) Other cooking oils (182) Kosher (275) Highlights Novelty Stand (260) // Organic Aceto Balsamico di Modena, Organic oils range, Econature, Organic Soybean Range, Organic SwisStyle special oils

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