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Kagera Co-operative Union (KCU) is based in Bukoba, Tanzania. Last year the company exported 460 tons of organic fair trade Robusta coffee. Of this coffee, 48 tons were sent to Tnica for production of organic instant coffee. Fair trade organizations are buyers of this coffee, and most of the organic coffee exported is sold as organic and fair trade. The project involves approximately 3,500 farmers, who receive 50%, and higher, premium for their organic coffee. A Win-Win Project Kagera Co-Operative Union (KCU) participate in the EPOPA project to enhance their export of organic coffe from Bukoba in Tanzania. They get assistance in fi nding buyers and to get the product certifi ed. In return they implement the project. Target group The direct target groups are the farmer communities in the Ibwera and Kachwezi areas, comprising of 3,500 organic smallholder farmers. The Kagera Co-operative Union, including the fi eld staff also benefi t from the project. Expected results By the end of May 2005, Annual exports 500 tons of organic certifi ed Robusta green beans and 15 tons of instant coffee. 5,000 farmers receive a 20% higher income compared to conventional 4 groups of 40 farmers have been trained to be farmers-trainers. 25% of the farmers to have started to rejuvenate their farms. 25% of the farms have introduced and actively maintain improved organic farm practices resulting in a 20% production increase. Profile of Kagera farmers Land holdings are very small in the region. On average a homestead has 2.4 acres of land; of which 1.6 acres is cultivated. The age of the coffee trees is very high with the majority being over 50 years old. The average homestead has 2.4 adults and 3.5 children. Only 9% of the sample farmers own cattle. The total income of the average homestead is approx. Tsh 320,000 (US$ 320). The living standards of the rural farmers is quite typical with 66% living in semi permanent buildings while only one in three having access to a bicycle. // Activities / Products: Drinks (637) Coffee (118) // Robusta Coffe, Organic Arabica Coffee, Organic Instant Coffee

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