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Authentic Mexican all-natural salsas, dips and corn chips. Chipotle Salsa (Hot, Medium and Mild) is prepared from a very old recipe, blending smoked/dried chipotle peppers, natural herbs, spices and one of the world's finest extra virgin cold-press olive oils to create a delicious flavor. Asada Verde (Hot, Medium and Mild): fresh fire-roasted jalapenos and fresh roasted green tomatillos combine with cilantro, garlic and spices to give this distinctive salsa an authentic roasted flavor. Habanero Salsa is prepared from an authentic Mayan recipe blending fire-roasted habanero peppers, roasted onions and herbs to create a hot and delicious flavor. Because kids love salsa as much as adults do, the company created a line for kids, made with nutritious ingredients, fresh vegetables and a hint of chipotle pepper. Queso Dip, in Hot and Mild, is a chipotle cheese dip with a distinctive combination of chipotle peppers and aged and light cheddar cheeses. Totopos de Maiz corn chips are available in Salted and Unsalted and are oven-baked and quick-fried to perfection, using all-natural ingredients and non-hydrogenated cottonseed oil to create deliciously thin and crispy chips. New: stone-ground (Molcajete-style) very chunky fire-roasted tomatoes; Chile de Arbol and Jalapeno Salsa. Products are made Molcajete-style, using a process invented by the Aztecs that is still used in Mexican kitchens today.; Activities / Products: Totopos de Maiz, Xochitl for Kids, Xochitl, Salsa/Dips

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