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621 Sycamore St Shelburne Vt 05482-4452
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(802)425-242 ****
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Activities / Products: Wholesome Cravings is a manufacturer of gluten and dairy free baking mixes. What separates us from the gluten free world is that we are also high in protein. Each serving has approximately 11-12 grams of protein. There are 4 flavors, Apple Ginger, Banana Chocolate Chip, Decadent Chocolate and Pumpkin Spice. We offer the consumer the ability to make a fresh gluten and dairy free moist protein bar. Our ingredients are very simple. They are all natural and very versatile. In this day and age consumers have a wide variety of dietary needs. Wholesome Cravings meets those demands. By giving control over the sweetener the baking mixes can be customized to fit most dietary needs. If someone is diabetic they can select the sweetener they like the best. If they are vegan they just use their egg substitute of choice. We are dairy free as well as gluten free. But most importantly the muffins taste fantastic. They are light, moist and taste like homemade. With Wholesome Cravings

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