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Po Box 670955 Flushing Ny 11367-0955
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(718)705-820 ****
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We are Wholesome Kitchen, a New York based company, a manufacturer of premium lines of Quinoa, Couscous , Gluten free Couscous and Israeli Couscous mixes. Our innovative family of products is made with all-natural ingredients without preservatives, salts or colorings. We manufacture with high-end quality assortment of dried vegetables, dried fruits, nuts and exotic spices, all of which are unique to Wholesome Kitchen products only.All our products are quick and easy to prepare, and ready to eat in a short time. All our mixes are available in institutional size too! Farro mixes. Farro is the oldest cultivated grain in the world. This whole grain cousin of wheat has a rich nutty flavor, and lower gluten content. With twice the fiber and protein of regular wheat, Farro is an excellent alternative to many grains and can be used in a variety of cooking preparations. Available in two flavors: Considered the new super food, it

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